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Software Release 4.5.1


Any date for the 4.5.1 ?

We need the Citrix AO for an new project.

Regards Jan Rockstedt

Cisco Employee

Software Release 4.5.1

Hi Jan,

The version is available internally but it was not posted publicly on CCO because Citrix deployments are still very new and thus, may require some tweaking of the configuration to operate properly.

If you contact your account team, they should be able to provide you the software and involve the PDI helpdesk team for any design support that is required.



Community Member

Software Release 4.5.1

Jan, it has been available to existing WAAS customers for several months.   As for tweaking, it is simply a matter of turning ICA optimization on, or off.  No fine tuning is required.   I know of several large organizations currently running it and the optimization results for ICA have been great.

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Software Release 4.5.1


I see that the relasenotes are out now, but not download on CCO.

I am working for an large organization so I guess I am an match for the version.

I have been in contact with Cisco in Sweden an my contact person, but they cant send it to me.

Is there any date yet or somebody I can talk to in the US, please send my msg.


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Software Release 4.5.1

Hi Jan --

The easiest way is to make a request through the PDI (Planning Design and Implementation) help desk, either online or by the phone.    You can create a request here:

Your SE on your account team should also be able to get it for you.

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Software Release 4.5.1

I also wanted to note that Cisco WAAS is the only WAN Optimization solution that is validated, certified, and supported by Citrix for ICA optimization.   Unlike other vendors who reverse engineer their WAN optimization products (and degrade performance and security) we worked directly with Citrix to make this solution available to our customers.   You can read more here:

Community Member

Software Release 4.5.1

...except for Citrix Branch Repeater, which I imagine is a certified and supported WAN Optimisation solution for ICA



Re: Software Release 4.5.1

Is there any date set for public release on CCO? I understand the version is on NPH for quite some time now. The pdihelpdesk just asked too many questions for my customer to answer and get the software, so the customer bailed out.

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