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New Member

SSH/Telnet client on WAAS

Hi Team,

I have couple of questions regarding SSH and telnet clients running on my WAAS boxes (ver 5.3.3). I noticed that it is possible to initiate SSH or telnet session from WAAS box even if telnet and SSH services are off ("no sshd enable" and "no telnet enable" commands). Ok, so it means that these commands turn off SSH and telnet "server" on the box and not the client. Is there any possibility to turn off SSH and telnet client on the WAAS box, please ?

Regarding SSH client. Command reference guide says that I can use special SSH options defined in RFC 4254 when initiating SSH session. I can list these options using CLI:

wave#ssh -l
ssh: option requires an argument -- l
Usage: ssh [options] host [command]
  -l user     Log in using this user name.
  -n          Redirect input from /dev/null.
  -F config   Config file (default: ~/.ssh/config).
  -A          Enable authentication agent forwarding.
  -a          Disable authentication agent forwarding (default).
  -X          Enable X11 connection forwarding.
  -x          Disable X11 connection forwarding (default).
  -i file     Identity for public key authentication (default: ~/.ssh/identity)
  -t          Tty; allocate a tty even if command is given.
  -T          Do not allocate a tty.
  -v          Verbose; display verbose debugging messages.
              Multiple -v increases verbosity.
  -V          Display version number only.
  -q          Quiet; don't display any warning messages.
  -f          Fork into background after authentication.
  -e char     Set escape character; ``none'' = disable (default: ~).
  -c cipher   Select encryption algorithm
  -m macs     Specify MAC algorithms for protocol version 2.
  -p port     Connect to this port.  Server must be on the same port.
  -L listen-port:host:port   Forward local port to remote address
  -R listen-port:host:port   Forward remote port to local address
              These cause ssh to listen for connections on a port, and
              forward them to the other side by connecting to host:port.
  -D port     Enable dynamic application-level port forwarding.
  -C          Enable compression.
  -N          Do not execute a shell or command.
  -g          Allow remote hosts to connect to forwarded ports.
  -1          Force protocol version 1.
  -2          Force protocol version 2.
  -4          Use IPv4 only.
  -6          Use IPv6 only.
  -o 'option' Process the option as if it was read from a configuration file.
  -s          Invoke command (mandatory) as SSH2 subsystem.
  -b addr     Local IP address.

But none of these arguments actually works. For example -l option:

wave#ssh -l admin
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

Ok, I know that I can use "ssh admin@" command which works but what about other arguments? Is it possible to use port forwarding for example?

How can I check SSH client configuration on WAAS box, please ?




Cisco Employee

Hi Stan, I pulled this for

Hi Stan,


I pulled this for the WAAS configuration guide on how to get to the SSH configurations through the GUI. You can find the link to the

config guide here. I hope this helps in regards to your question on how to check the SSH client configuration.

Step 1 From the WAAS Central Manager GUI, choose Devices > Devices (or Devices > Device Groups).

Step 2 Click the Edit icon next to the device (or device group) for which you want to enable SSH.

Step 3 Click Expand All above the Contents pane.

Step 4 Click Show Advanced above the Contents pane.

Step 5 In the Contents pane, choose General Settings > Login Access Control > SSH.

The SSH Configuration window appears. 


New Member

Hi Jeff,thanks for your

Hi Jeff,

thanks for your answer.

In your post, there is configuration of SSH service on the WAAS (when connecting TO the WAAS box).

I was asking my question regarding SSH client (when connectiong FROM the WAAS box). If it is possible to turn it off and how to use SSH options like portforwarding.



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