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WAAS 5.0


I am planning to Upgrade my WAAS devices to version 5.0. I see in the follwoing link that

wae 512 are not supported in this version but i did not find anyhing like this in a Cisco document.

Please does anyone knows if 5.0 is supported in 512-612-574-674-7341 devices? Also CM is a WAE-512 device.

Thank you

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WAAS 5.0


This is documented in  WAAS 5.0 Release notes:

Hardware support

The WAAS software operates on these hardware platforms: WAE-674,  WAE-7341, WAE-7371, WAVE-274, WAVE-474, WAVE-574, WAVE-294, WAVE-594,  WAVE-694, WAVE-7541, WAVE-7571, or WAVE-8541 appliance, or an  NME-WAE-502, SM-SRE-700, SM-SRE-710, SM-SRE-900, or SM-SRE-910 network  module that is installed in specific Cisco routers. Additionally, Cisco  880 Series, 890 Series, and ISR G2 routers running WAAS Express are  supported on the branch side (WAAS version 4.2.1 or later is required on  the data center side). You must deploy the WAAS Central Manager on a  dedicated device.

Let me know if this helps.


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WAAS 5.0

If devices like 512 and 612 are not supported in version 5.0 how can i proceed with the upgrade? First of all i have to upgrade Central Manager to a supported device and then can i have mixed devices in the network with version 5 and 4.5?

Thank you very much for prompt answer,

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WAAS 5.0

WAE-512 and WAE-612 appliances and NME-WAE-302 and  NME-WAE-522 modules—These appliances and modules are no longer  supported and WAAS version 5.0 and later does not operate on these  appliances and modules. Upgrading to WAAS version 5.0 on these devices  (or on a device group that contains any of these devices) is not  allowed.

  You would have to  install your CM on compatible hardware and re-register all your devices.

Cisco do not recommend any mixed versions on devices to avoid compatibility issues.

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