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WAAS Central Manager does not support this device version

I attempted to register a WAVE694-K-9 (running code to our Central Manager (OE294 running code 4.4.5) but the registration failed due to a code mismatch between the two units.  The rest of the remote WAAS units (OE512's) are running 4.4.5 or 4.4.5b. 

It is pretty obvious to me that what I need to do is upgrade the software on the Central Manager to at least the highest version of software running in our WAAS environment -  I have a couple of questions around this effort.

What is the highest version of code which will work on the OE294 which operates as our Central Manager?  Will Release 5.3.3 work?  The filename I found on is: waas-universal-  Can this file be used to upgrade our C.M.?  Any feedback on this version?  Is there a better, more stable version to use?

I assume I can upgrade the Central Manager to newer code (ie. and it still be able to support the remote OE512's running the 4.4.5 and 4.4.5b until I have an opportunity to upgrade the remotes as well.

Also, pretty much the same question for the rest of the remote WAAS units we have out there; which are OE512's.  What is the most recent version of code these units will support which I can get them upgraded to?

I would also appreciate any advice regarding CM software versions versus remote software versions or the upgrade procedure in general between these devices not specifically asked.

Thank you in advance for your support.


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WAAS Central Manager does not support this device version

yes, i the WAVE694 is running newer version, then you must configure a newer version for Central Manager.

Every Cisco WAAS device within the Cisco WAAS topology should be configured to use the same version of software. because, the options or features that support WVE694 must be on Central Manager


WAAS Central Manager does not support this device version


WAAS Central Manager needs to run the latest or highest version available in your WAAS Network then gradually, you could start upgrading the WAAS nodes.

Having another WAAS node with a higher version than the WAAS Central can produce unexpected issues.


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