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New Member

WAAS / CIFS Problems

Hello all,

We recently deployed WAAS (4.1) system in our datacenter / remote office.  The setup is fairly basic from what i'm being told.  2 application accelerators, and one central management device, nothing too tricky.  We've opted to use WCCP redirection instead of inline mode.

All WAE's are registered to my CM, the problem i'm running into is at my remote site, after turning on WCCP redirection on my routers, all CIFS file shares stop working between sites.  I have file servers at both locations, and after redirecting the traffic to my accelerator, I can no longer access file shares from my remote site to my central office, and vice versa.

The configs are very much default on the WAE's, everything is using automatic discovery, which I was assuming wouldn't cause any problems like this, and I admit that i'm not up to speed on the in's and out's of WAAS.

Any help is appreciated as always!

Thanks -


Cisco Employee

Re: WAAS / CIFS Problems

Hi Jon,

Few things we need before suggesting anything.

1. What sort of servers are these? MS 2k3, MS2k8 / NetApp ?

2. Are they using DFS?

3. Do you see any traffic hitting WAEs? do you see any optimized / pass thru sessions on WAE? You can telnet to WAE and use cli command --> show stat conn --> to verify the connections thru wae.

Please collect following CLI output from server and clietn side WAE when the issue is happening, if possible.

show stat conn --> only first few lines

show stat conn | in

show alarm

show disk det

show wccp egress

show wccp router

show wccp wide

This will be our starting point. we might need additional information later.


New Member

Re: WAAS / CIFS Problems


The servers are Windows Server 2k3, no DFS here at all.  These are dell SAN's that we use for storage.

I did see traffic hitting the WAE's, before I stopped redirecting traffic at my remote site, http / https, & domain services & exchange traffic were being optimzed.  Basically what happens is after I start redirecting traffic to my remote site WAE's, file shares stop working, so I can't leave them running very long :).

I can post some of the config requests below, but since I'm no longer redirecting traffic to my WAE's, this is going to "skew" the results of the commands.

I did find a post in this forum that said I should upgrade my WAE's to 4.1.5(f), because an MS hotfix KB980232 possibly breaks CIFS accelerated connections.  I'm working on downloading & upgrading my accelerators now & will let you know if this fixes my issue.

"We have seen the problems first hand and I would recommend against this patch if accelerating CIFS connections."

Attached are the show commands you requested.



Cisco Employee

Re: WAAS / CIFS Problems

Hi Jon,

The reason why I did not advise you of MS10-020 is because we had no idea of what version you are using.

Anyway, yes, I would highly recommend upgrading to 4.1.5f or later code. Infact, if you are upgrading the code, please try to upgrade to latest 4.2.x or 4.1.x code.

Please make sure to look at the release notes for the version you plan to upgrade. They can be found here: Release Notes

Please let us know how it goes.


New Member

Re: WAAS / CIFS Problems

We had this issue a long time ago while running WAAS version 4.1.1c. We also could not get reporting in our central manager. TAC told us it was a bug with the software and we confirmed by disabling CIFs acceleration and mapping drives started to work.

We have since upgraded to 4.1.5c and re-enabled CIFs accelaration, it is working very well.

Cisco Employee

Re: WAAS / CIFS Problems

Hi Bradley,

Your issue may be different as it seems like that was reporting issue but here we have file pen / save issue.

I believe, Jon is talking about this defect that was fixed in 4.1.5f. This defect was due to CIFS SMB enhancement that MS made.

Software Version 4.1.5f Resolved Caveats

4.1.5f was released specifically to fix the SMB CIFS issue.