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WAAS- CM Placement

Hello Everyone,

I just want to know the best place for the WAAS Central Manager (CM). We have it today placed on the same subnet in our core with a pair of 7371s. The CM is plugged into 3750s stacked switch. The WCCP options are 61 in on the WAN side and 62 in on the LAN side, no outbound is supported on the 3750 switch. Remote sites that connect to the CM, the WAAS is seeing this as “asymmetric routing” because it only goes through one WCCP redirect option, not both. If I were to place it on the LAN where our servers are, it will be the same case for the pair of 7371s.

Has anyone run into this before?

Cisco Employee

Re: WAAS- CM Placement

The asymetric routing won't hurt anything here and the connection will establish with a small delay. However, to resolve this, use a redirect list that denies redirection for the CM.

Community Member

Re: WAAS- CM Placement

Thanks for the response. I will leave this as is for the CM, but for the remote branches we are seeing a lot of asymmetric routing because some of the traffic only goes through one WCCP redirect option. I can solve this problem by placing option 61 in & 62 out on the same LAN facing interfaces. Are there any problems when having this on the same interface?

Cisco Employee

Re: WAAS- CM Placement

Yes, you have to be careful about putting 62 out on an interface as it becomes process switched event. It could run out your CPU on that router.

Community Member

Re: WAAS- CM Placement

I am running with 3750 ( WS-C3750G-24TS-1U )

placed the CM in its own subnet and vlan

and created interface in that vlan on 3750 to be able to route the traffic.

interface has no ip wccp redirect statements on it.

created access list for wccp to not include cm traffic by omitting the subnet in the acl because deny entries

are not supported.

ip wccp 61 redirect-list WCCP_61_ACL

Community Member

Re: WAAS- CM Placement

Thanks. How are you monitoring the WAAS to see original and optimized traffic? I was wondering if you know how to do it through SNMP.

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