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WAAS Configuration Setup


I would be giving a WAAS PoC to one of our client next week,I have few queries before I implement this PoC

Traffic which need to be optimized Citrix Traffic, File server , Antivirus Update and other customized application

Network Setup :

2 Datacenters and 2 Branch Office conencted via MPLS

Datacentre 1

                         Core Switch1(WAE 674/NAM connected to Core)--------Router 1--------MPLS Link-

Server Vlan-------                                                                                                                       |------Router 1 --------WAE(Inline)---------Switch-----User

                         Core Switch 2(in HSRP Mode)----------------------------------Router 2 --------MPLS Link

Datacenter 2

                         Core Switch1(WAE 674)-----------------------------------------

Server Vlan-------                                                                            ----|Router 1--------MPLS Link-  ------Router 1 --------WAE(Inline)---------Switch-----User

                         Core Switch 2(in HSRP Mode)--------------------------------

I need to base line the current traffic using NAM which is installed on 674 VB

1. What are the configuration changes I need do on Datacenter Network and Branch Network device so that can capture the Traffic

2. If i have multple server VLAN and what rules or access list I need to mention on Server VLAN should I apply redirect in and out on all the server VLAN which I need to optimize so that it direct to WAE device for optimization

Planned to configure the Datacentre WAE in WCCP2 Mode and Branch office in Inline mode...

Also please help me if there are any documents for WAAS PoC Implementation.



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Cisco Employee

Re: WAAS Configuration Setup


Please refer to below URL which contains excellent links to WAAS Technical and PoC related information.

Coming back to your questions:

1. On the data centre network device (assuming the WCCP will configured on core switch) you need to configure WCCP and enabled WCCP redirection on the LAN and WAN interfaces to intercept interesting (using redirect list) LAN to WAN and WAN to LAN traffic. If you need to redirect traffic from multiple server VLANs you need to configure WCCP inbound redirection on each server VLAN. Alternatively you can also configure outbound redirection on the interface / VLAN where traffic from all the server VLANs gets aggregated and goes towards WAN. However inbound redirection is preferred over outbound.

Make sure to verify the WCCP platform support for your network device where you will configure WCCP redirection.

2. On the Branch network since you will be deploying inline mode no changes have to be made on any of the network devices except for making sure that the inline interfaces connected to LAN and WAN device are full duplex connections.

Optimized Applications:

Citrix uses native compression and encryption due to which WAAS can help with TFO only. If you need to get the maximum benefit from WAAS optimization you need to get the compression disabled and encyption lowered. Please refer to the below URL:

Anti Virus Updates: Please check with the Anti Virus provider whether the updates are exchanged securely. I experienced a case where Symantec was exchanging the updates securely over customized TCP port due to which it was not getting optimized. We tried to secure the private key from Symantec to configure an SSL accelerated policy so that it can get optimized using SSL AOs but could not get the keys from Symantec.

If you need any technical assitance with the PoC you can also open a case with Cisco PDI helpdesk at the URL



Re: WAAS Configuration Setup

Hi Kiran

Thank you .

It will help me a lot in my PoC

Also as I mentioned earlier I am planning for baseling the current client infrastutrure using NAM on WAE 674 at datacenter

My Plan :

1. Connect the Central Manager - VLAN 10

2. Connect the WAE/ NAM Device - VLAN 20

3. Connect the Branch office WAE in Inline mode

4. Enable Netflow on 6509 Core switch

               ip route-cache flow
     ip flow-export version 5
     ip flow-export destination 3000


     snmp-server community RO

5.Enable Netflow Data Source on the NAM VB

My question :

1. what kind of Preventative measure I need to take and what are the configuartions changes I need to do on the core switch and Branch office WAE so that I can capture the complete traffic to an fro from the datacentre to Branch Office.

2. Since I am connecting the WAE device at The Branch office and Datacentre simuntaneously but In Datacentre I am not enabling the WCCP2 Redirect initially as I am planning for Network Baseline using NAM and now since I have not redirected the traffic to WAE at datacenter what will happen to the traffic at the Branch office WAE(already connected) will it work and will it allow traffic without optimization or should I connect this device after the Baselining is completed?


3. Should I configure the WCCP2 and redirect all the Traffic to WAE(Without Optimization enabled) before the baselining activity so that WAE device can provide me the Before and After report to demonsrate the impact of WAAS?

As per your suggestion this is what I have preapred my WCCP2 Redirect List on core switch - Please ratify if there is something which needs to be changed

ip wccp version 2
Access List for redirection
access-list 100 permit ip X.X.X.0 any
access-list 100 permit ip any X.0.0.0
access-list 100 deny ip any any
ip wccp 61 redirect-list 100
ip wccp 62 redirect-list 100
int vlan 111
description *** WAN Optimiser ***
ip wccp redirect exclude in
int vlan 10
description *** Citrix Server VLAN ***
ip wccp 61 redirect in
int vlan 20
description *** Symantec Server VLAN ***
ip wccp 61 redirect in
int vlan 30
description *** File Server VLAN ***
ip wccp 61 redirect in
int Gig 16/0
description *** Connected to Router***
ip wccp 62 redirect in



Cisco Employee

Re: WAAS Configuration Setup


I saw that you opened a case with PDI...One of the engineer's will definetely help you with this.



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