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WAAS deployment

hello everybody

I have a question, I have that:

--Remote Office

Router 2811 with NM-WAE.

--Central Office

WAE-512 like WAAS Core

WAVE-274 like CM

The Router 2811 has interface WAN (Frame Relay) and interface Tunnel (VPN)to central office.

Can optimized the waas both paths?

I attacheted the following images.

On the other hand, I have others questions:

-If I purchase a license to Virtual Blade (VB) (WAAS-VB-W2K8-LIC), I won't need to purchase a windows's license? The VB works over VMware?

-Is there a upgrading from transport license to enterprise license?

-Can WAAS works with MOC?

Thanks a lot.

Cisco Employee

Re: WAAS deployment


You can optimize on both paths, and you have several options. I would probably start with WCCP In/Out on the LAN interface with "redirect in exclude" on the NME interface. You can also do interception on the WAN interfaces if you desire. I would keep an eye on the packet sizes and make sure your VPN tunnel isn't fragmenting the traffic leaving the WAE. You may want to reduce it's MSS for that.

The VB is not VMWare. If you are running a Windows VB (or other OS), then you will need to obtain a license from somewhere.

The upgrade from Transport to Enterprise is a license purchase. Please contact your sales team if there is any credits available for that.

Not sure what MOC is?

Hope that helps,


Community Member

Re: WAAS deployment

I redirect the traffic (WCCP) in my switch Core, My problem is when I try optimize the traffic in both places and the same time, that isn't happening and I note that the Router Branch has problems because I have dificult to enter through of the console port.

Do you have any idea?

NOTE: the show process cpu history don't send me anything rare.

MOC = Microssoft Office Communicator

Thanks a lot Dan.

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