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WAAS Design issues.

From the attached diagram,

  • There are two sites A and B datacenters which are connected via a fibre (Layer 2 trunk )link.
  • the remote branches can access servers in either site A or B
    e.g branch C can access servers in Site B thru connection to site A
  • In Site A, Cisco WAAS is connected to the 6500 and in Site B WAAS is connected to the Cisco 4000.
  • Cisco WAAS in same vlan as the Servers in both site A and B.


where would be the best position to run WCCP in either sites, given that traffic from any remote branch can access the servers
in either site via the trunk link between two sites?

New Member

Re: WAAS Design issues.

Here are some of my recommendations.

  1. On both DCs enable the WCCP redirection on Cat6k.
  2. Enable redirection on Cat6k's WAN facing interface and Server's vlan ( interface to intercept LAN traffic) .
  3. Preferrably deploy WAAS in its own VLAN to avoid loop.
  4. Use Generic GRE (GGRE) as 'Egress method' to leverage h/w processing on Cat6k. With GGRE you need to use WCCP-GRE for redirection. I am assuming that you have either Sup32 or Sup720 on Cat6k.
  5. Use WCCP mask as 'assignment method' to leverage h/w processing on Cat6k.

Pl note that you can enable WCCP redirection on Cat4k as well. However, it doesn't support 'Redirect ACL', just in case if you don't want to redirect certain traffic. This is why I suggested you to use Cat6k as it gives you flexibility and yet achieve your goal.

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