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waas disk usage does have impact on performance


does the disk usage have any impact on the waas performance, and it is feasible to configure the waas to delete files older than a specific time

below the show disk output , as you can noticed dre1 is 98% full and obj1 43%

sh disks details

RAID Physical disk information:

  disk00: Online                     JTW5T87L    286102 MB

  disk01: Online                     JTVT5MKL    286102 MB

  disk02: Online                     JTVT5R1L    286102 MB

  disk03: Online                     JTW5T4SL    286102 MB

RAID Logical drive information:

  Drive 1:      RAID-5  Okay      

                Enabled   (read-cache) Enabled (write-back) 

Mounted file systems:

MOUNT POINT      TYPE       DEVICE                SIZE     INUSE      FREE USE%

/sw              internal   /dev/sda1            991MB     888MB     103MB  89%

/swstore         internal   /dev/sda2            991MB     460MB     531MB  46%

/state           internal   /dev/sda3           7935MB     194MB    7741MB   2%

/local/local1    SYSFS      /dev/sda6          33725MB     964MB   32761MB   2%

.../local1/spool PRINTSPOOL /dev/data1/spool     991MB      32MB     959MB   3%

/obj1            CONTENT    /dev/data1/obj    224176MB   96608MB  127568MB  43%

/dre1            CONTENT    /dev/data1/dre    495966MB  487004MB    8962MB  98%

/ackq1           internal   /dev/data1/ackq     2379MB      65MB    2314MB   2%

/plz1            internal   /dev/data1/plz      7141MB     129MB    7012MB   1%

Disk encryption feature is disabled.

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