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WAAS Mobile - Outlook Webmail (OWA)

While running our new instance of WAAS Mobile, we've got one issue we cannot understand.  Outlook Web Access does not work under WAAS Mobile.  If we disable it, works fine.

We are able to ping the OWA server with the WAAS Mobile client enabled or disabled however we cannot connect to it via it's web interface.

I've enabled HTTPS for the WAAS Mobile to optimize on the client but this did not help.  So far i'm at a loss.

Any ideas?

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Re: WAAS Mobile - Outlook Webmail (OWA)


  What is the version of WAAS Mobile in your deployment ? Is it 3.4.x or 3.5.x ?


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Re: WAAS Mobile - Outlook Webmail (OWA)


Re: WAAS Mobile - Outlook Webmail (OWA)

Is the session TCOP session to OWA accelerated ?

1)  Connect to your OWA

2) On the WAAS Mobile Client - Go to

3) Navigate to the section Diagnostics --> TCP Sessions, Does the TCP session show up as accelerated ?

You can also collect the sysreport from the client and server and attach it to this forum.

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Re: WAAS Mobile - Outlook Webmail (OWA)


Thanks for replying sorry for the delay.  The issue was just one person and we had a work around by turning it off.  However we've seen more people with the same issue.  When they lauch OWA through IE the IE session shows accelerated however Webmail will not show up.

I've attached the cab file as requested.

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Re: WAAS Mobile - Outlook Webmail (OWA)

Checking back in on this.  I did upload the document as requested.  I also see there has not been an update to the WAAS mobile client since August of 2010.  So nothing has really changed.

Any progress?

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