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WAAS not running preposition jobs

I have a NME-WAE-502-K9 in a 2821 router and have it connected via a ipsec VPN tunnel through a ASA5510

Path to client

CM - router(3925) - switch (4501 with VLAN) - ASA - router 2821 - wae mondule - user

I can ping from the central manager to the WAE unit

I am getting TFO and DR compression but can not get the unit to complete any preposition jobs.

The will show "in progress 0 bytes" after even 24 hours.

IP insepect WAAS enabled is on the router and the ASA 5510

MTU is set to 1500

Totaly at a loss as to were to start looking.



WAAS not running preposition jobs

When you do prepositioning the Branch WAE acts as the client and goes direct to the server.   As such the Branch WAE IP must be allowed through your Firewall, AND it must get redirected to the Core WAAS accelerator.   Thus, if you are using WCCP to redirect to the Core WAAS device and if you're using a redirect list, make sure to permit the IP of the WAE.

Also you'll want to make sure the server you are trying to preposition from does not have any security restrictions that would prevent the WAE from browsing the directories / copying the files.

Hints to the problem could be found in the errorlog/cifsao-errorlog.current file.

I'd suggest opening a TAC case if the above does not help.

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