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New Member

WAAS wccp and OTV on ASR1002

Hi, There is any conflict between OTV on ASR1002 and wccp on Wave-694 configured in the same scenario?

My scenario is 3 sites with ASR1002 for OTV cloud, a wave-694 at each site configured for wccp, and a 6807 in VSS mode as CORE-LAN. I wan to know if theres any conflict between wccp and OTV, 

Attached is the logical map


Hi,Besides the WAVE-694, what


Besides the WAVE-694, what device is expected to run WCCP ? 6800-VSS or ASR1002 ?

If it is the ASR1002, you will run into a problem, because the OTV Internal Interfaces aren't supposed to have IP-addresses on the (many) vlans (through subinterfaces) it is trying to send (bridge) to one of the other data centers and thus where would you configure WCCP ?

And on the WAN interface of the ASR1000 (the Join Interface), its not TCP - thus no WCCP catch.


On the 6800-VSS this would be a bit similiar, because "bridged" packets (meaning within same vlan/subnet) would not hit the SVI the same way as a "normal" routed packet.


I don't think this will work for you.


Best Regards

Finn Poulsen


New Member

Hello Finn,Thanks very much

Hello Finn,

Thanks very much for your answer, the idea is like you said, Wave-694 running wccp, we are worried is about the traffic could be encapsulated into OTV before to be redirected to the Wave... We wants to do is, that specific traffic (not all traffic) can be redirected to the WAVE before to be encapsulated into OTV.

best regards...


Hi,In order for the packet to


In order for the packet to be picked up by WCCP ... you'll need to have the packet Layer-3 routed (i.e. from one subnet to another).

But one of the reasons for using OTV - is that you want to stretch the Layer-2 subnet between several locations ("bridging" across a Layer-3 network).

So you'll never reach a layer 3 interface (SVI or routed) when communicating within the same VLAN/subnet.

As I see your installation you only have one option (although with two flavours) here - that is to use some kind of "bridging" interception between the ASR and the 6800-VSS.

Don't know whether this interface is 1Gigabit or 10Gigabit, but you could look into :

1) using an "ordinary" Inline adapter on the WAVE-694 (this only works with 1Gigabit connection)

2) using some kind of APPNAV interception where the adapter intercepts the bridged packet - this supports 10Gigabit connection, but you'll have NO failover, if the APPNAV device (which can be the WAVE-694 with a special module) of the APPNAV modules fails.

Check this :


Best Regards

Finn Poulsen


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