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WAAS WCCP configuration

Hi all,

i want to configure wccp between the WAE and 2 X C6K (IOS - SXF16) routers. i want to use the "negotiated return" method.

i understand that i need to use the command: egress-method negotiated-return intercept-method wccp on the WAE.

do i need to configure somthing else ?

i saw in one document that i need to put a static route for each C6k in order to map the router ID to the real ip address configured for the wccp.

appreciate your help,


Re: WAAS WCCP configuration


You will not want to use egress-method negotiated return as your egress method to a 6K since this will be processed in software and may cause high CPU on the 6K.  If you need to use GRE as the egress to a 6K we recommend you use egress-method generic-gre.

Please see the configuration guide section on generic GRE for more information.


Mike Korenbaum

Cisco Systems, Inc.
Cisco WAAS PDI Help Desk -

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Re: WAAS WCCP configuration


i see that for using generic gre i need to configure gre tunnle on the C6K.

is there another option for wccp redirection between WAE and C6k ?

ip forwarding will work if i am using 2 X C6K ?

Re: WAAS WCCP configuration

Yes IP Forwarding will work.  However, make sure your routing is sound; meaning that it's not possible for traffic to hit a 61 or 62 redirect statement twice on the same local LAN effectively redirecting traffic to your WAE twice which would cause packet drops due to the WAE recognizing this as a routing loop (you would see syslog messages similar to this if this occurs... Feb 26 03:14:20 aus-waas-01 kernel: %WAAS-SYS-3-900000: - - opt_syn_rcv: Routing Loop detected - Packet has our own
devid. Packet dropped.)
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Re: WAAS WCCP configuration

for that i need to use the "exclude" command.

i understand that ip forwarding is sending the packet to the DG. can i use HSRP as a default GW and configure the WAE to register to two wccp enabled routers (there physical ip address) ?

what about L2 redirect?, can i use that ?

do i need to configure something special at the C6K and the WAE ? (the wae is directly attached to the C6K's - same ip subnet)


Re: WAAS WCCP configuration

The exclude command is not required unless you use a redirect out statement or configure generic gre as the egress method.

Yes, if your WAE is directly attached to the 6K, point the default gw of the WAE to the HSRP address and the wccp router-list will be the two physical IPs of the 6500.

We would suggest you use l2-redirect and mask assignment, along with redirect in statements for 61 and 62 on your LAN and WAN facing L3 interfaces respectively.  This will allow you to take full advantage of the 6500 hardware to perform the redirection.

The only configuration required on the 6500 is to enable the 61 and 62 services globally, and place the redirect in statements on the appropriate L3 interfaces.

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Re: WAAS WCCP configuration

Thanks a lot.

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