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WAE-512 issue

Dear ,

I have site A and Site B.In site A I have AWe 512 is installed,at site B there is a WAE 512 and WAAS as a CM installed.

All the applications were working fine between site A and site B.All of a sudden applications are not working like RDP,Accessin file server and all not accessible at site A to site B.When I check the connectivity ,it is reachable from site A to site B.

Even telnet from site A to site B to all servers with the  port 3389 is connecting.When I check through netstat -an it shows from site A source address to site B destination address to that port 3389 is established.

When mstc to that server is hanging,and \\x.x.x.x\ to remote is not able to open.

Please guide me to resolve.


Cisco Employee

Re: WAE-512 issue

Hi Venkat,

Looking at your issue, are you sure this is WAAS issue? Can you please apply pass thru policy for this traffic and see if it works.

You can also use cli command: show stat conn | in to see if the connection is going thru WAAS and is being optimized. If it shows up as optimized, try putting a pass thru policy for this client and verify the functionality.

Further, is this issue limited to one client / one site / multiple sites? Depending on that you want to focus either on hub site or branch site or single client.

Please also provide us the software version and hardwares you are using at the affected sites.

Feel free to let us know if you think it is WAAS related.

Hope this helps,


PS: if this resolves the problem, please mark this as Answered.

New Member

Re: WAE-512 issue

Dear Bhavin ,

Thanks for the info.

Below is the details:

Cisco Employee

Re: WAE-512 issue

Hi Venkat,

Did you miss the info ?


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