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WAE Network Module

We are looking to deploy WAAS enterprise wide in a MPLS network I currently support. Our client routers function as both CE and PE - the egress interface is label switched and the customer host facing interface resides within a MPLS VRF. We would like to deploy the NM-WAE modules at each site. Are these modules VRF aware? I need to perform the WCCP redirection/inspection on the interface assigned to the VRF. I couldn't find any documents specific to WAAS and MPLS. Has anyone dealt with this yet? Thanks in advance.

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Re: WAE Network Module

Based on Cisco's SRND for WAAS, WCCP is not VRF-aware.

At the time of this writing, WCCP is not VRF-aware. Subsequently, VRF tunnels should not be configured on any routers with direct interfaces to the WAE. MPLS tunneling should work provided that the WAEs are deployed outside of the network tunnels. VRF support for WCCP is expected for WCCP v3.0, tentatively scheduled for release later this year.


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Re: WAE Network Module


Neither WAAS or WCCP are currently VRF aware. This means that the WAE needs full visibility into all the VRFs (through importing/exporting), or the WAE needs to reside (including the interface elected as the WCCP RID) in the VRF you want to optimize traffic for.


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Re: WAE Network Module


I placed the WAAS appliance in the same VRF as the customer data (separate subnet), but it wouldn't form a WCCP "neighbor" relationship until I removed the VRF association. Once the interface was placed in the global routing table, the WCCP neighbor relationship was built.

I will be honest, I am relatively new to WAAS (just got my demo units from Cisco last week) and I am still reading up on the technology, but couldn't I get this to work using PBR?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Re: WAE Network Module

Was the interface selected as the WCCP RID also placed in the same VRF? WCCP chooses a RID the same way OSPF/BGP do.

Yes, PBR will work, but is generally less preferred than WCCP due to being less feature rich.


Re: WAE Network Module


The VRF awareness for 12.4(T) is still probably 8-12 months out. VRF aware WCCP features are definitely in the pipeline, but nothing has been publically published on availability timelines.

It's now publically available on the forum... but , I've only found it on the 3750 and 3550 documentation.

at the 3750 you will need to place the redirect statement on each of the VLANs, ip wccp 61 redirect in

Kindly find here GRE Tunnel with VRF Configuration Example:

I have gotten as far as the WAE registering the router:

"WCCP configuration for TCP Promiscuous service 61 and 62 succeeded.

WCCP configuration for TCP Promiscuous succeeded.Please remember to

configure WCCP service 61 and 62 on the corresponding router."

wae01#sh wccp router

Router Information for Service: TCP Promiscuous 61

Routers Configured and Seeing this Wide Area Engine(1)

Router Id Sent To Recv ID 0000022F



The router registers the WAE as a WCCP client:


"*Feb 4 18:56:09.892: %WCCP-5-SERVICEFOUND: Service 61 acquired on WCCP


"*Feb 4 18:56:09.892: %WCCP-5-SERVICEFOUND: Service 62 acquired on WCCP


The router however cannot figure out what its ID is and does not see

itself as a WCCP group router.

router04#sh ip wccp

Global WCCP information:

Router information:

Router Identifier: -not yet determined-

Protocol Version: 2.0

Service Identifier: 61

Number of Service Group Clients: 1

Number of Service Group Routers: 0

Total Packets s/w Redirected: 0

Process: 0

Fast: 0

CEF: 0

Redirect access-list: ACCELERATED-TRAFFIC

Total Packets Denied Redirect: 0

Total Packets Unassigned: 25957

Group access-list: -none-

Total Messages Denied to Group: 0

Total Authentication failures: 0

Total Bypassed Packets Received: 0


This is a short summary of important commands for working with VRF's.

View the VRF instances and the associated interfaces.

ml-mr-c6-gs#show ip vrf

Name Default RD Interfaces

blurvrf 100:2 Vlan215


tgvrf 100:1 Vlan132




Show the routing table for a specific VRF.

ml-mr-c6-gs#show ip route vrf tgvrf

Routing Table: tgvrf

Codes: C - connected, S - static, R - RIP, M - mobile, B - BGP

D - EIGRP, EX - EIGRP external,


Gateway of last resort is to network

O E2 [110/1] via, 1d19h, Vlan325

O E2 [110/160] via, 1d19h, Vlan325 is subnetted, 3 subnets

O E2 [110/0] via, 1d19h, Vlan325

O E2 [110/1] via, 1d19h, Vlan325

O E2 [110/1] via, 1d19h, Vlan325


Debugging should otherwise be similar to a regular switch or router.

Final Teragrid VRF Design and Diagrams

Teragrid Testbed Design

Cisco 4500 Series Switch Cisco IOS s/w config guide 12.1(20)EW

Configuring VRF-Lite

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