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WAVE CM redundancy

I will be very thankful if you  could help me on the WAVE CM redundancy configuration.

   I am having WAVE 294 x 2nos and WAVE 694 x 2nos , so i am using WAVE 294 as my CM and 694 as accelarator

   I configuree one WAVE294 as primary CM and other as standby CM witrh commands

   central-manager role standby

   central-manager address <cm-primary-address>

Do i need to  configure anything else for this ?

But i am not able to see the standby CM in primary CM.There is no firewall's in between this CM and i able to ping each other.

I assigned diffferent IP addess for both primary and standby  , it should be same or different.

Switchover from primary to secondary and vice versa should be performed manually only  ?

Your reply will be appreciated.

Cisco Employee

WAVE CM redundancy

Ideally this should be the command when you enable the standby CM.

On the standby device, execute the following CLI commands:

WAE# configure

WAE(config)# central-manager role standby

WAE(config)# central-manager address primary-CM-ip

WAE(config)# cms enable   <<<<< You are missing this >>>>>

Check if that helps.


Ajay Kumar

Cisco Employee

WAVE CM redundancy

Also to add on the above:

Make sure that your Central Manager devices are running the same version of WAAS software.

Synchronize  the physical clocks on both devices so that both WAAS Central Managers  have the same Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) configured.


Ajay Kumar

Cisco Employee

WAVE CM redundancy

Hello Prasan,

If the unit is not able to register with the Central Manager at all, then  there might be something in between blocking the management traffic, ( even if you can ping it)

can you try to telnet the stand byCM from the primary CM with source 443   ( management traffic goes via tcp port 443)

the answer should look like this:

CM#telnet 443


Connected to

Escape character is '^]'

if that is ok I suggest the following:

Step 1 Deregister the WAE from the Central Manager using the cms command:

WAE# cms deregister force        ( even if it is not showing up from the Central Manager)

This command cleans up any previous association to any other Central Manager.

Step 2 Configure the device mode as Central Manager using the device command:

WAE# configure

WAE(config)# device mode central-manager

You must reload the device to apply the changes.

Step 3 Configure the Central Manager role as standby using the central-manager command:

WAE(config)# central-manager role standby

Step 4 Configure the address of primary Central Manager using the central-manager command:

WAE(config)# central-manager address cm-primary-address

Step 5 Enable the CMS service using the cms command:

WAE(config)# cms enable

if still not working I suggest to open a case with TAC to review the management error logs from the sysreport.

good luck!

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