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What are the disadvantages of configuring ip address on WAAS Inline interface?

Hi - currently, waas is running in Inline mode and waas-g0/0 is the primary interface for management traffic.

I am thinking to move the ip address on waas-g0/0 to the Inline interface.  I know it is supported & can be done.

However, before to do that I would like to get your thoughts of what are the disadvantages of doing this?

The reason being is that waas-g0/0 port is connected to a cisco switch which is located "behind" the waas appliance, so if the switch or swtich port goes down, our NMS system will receive a waas went down alarm message which is not true, actually, the waas is up but the waas-g0/0 managment port that connected to the switch is down and this creates lot of confusiion.

It makes more sense to move the managment ip address to Inline interface as this will tell us the "true" state of the waas.

Many thanks


Hi Joe,One major disadvantage

Hi Joe,

One major disadvantage is that if you, for some reason, wants to disable the inline interface, e.g. to stop optimization temporarily, you will loose connectivity to the WAAS box itself ... and thus you cannot enable it again.

Besides this, I think that if you loose the switchport or the entire switch, the inlineinterface and the interface on the router will go down as well ... and you'll gain nothing.

At least this is the way the inline adapter are supposed to work, because of the internal relay.

Best regards

Finn Poulsen



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