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New Member

What does WAAS require hardware wise?

I have 2 3825 routers with NME-WAE-522-K9 modules in them.

Is there any other hardware that I have to have to utilize them?

From what I am reading we need a WAE (Wide Area Application Engine) such as a WAE-512-K9  to run the WAAS Central Manager on in order to peer and control the WAAS modules with.

From what I read the NME modules will not operate in a standalone model.

Can anyone verify this fact?

Cisco Employee

Re: What does WAAS require hardware wise?

You can do some basic testing with just NME modules, but for all intents and purposes, you will need the Central Manager for full use and

support of the solution.



New Member

Re: What does WAAS require hardware wise?

Hi Zach,

Very interesting point.

Provided that I dont need the provisioning and reporting  functionality done by the Central Manager, can I run a WAAS setup with only two WAE devices on the network?


Cisco Employee

Re: What does WAAS require hardware wise?

Hi Dinesh,

Without the Central Manager you also won't be able to use the SSL AO and disk encryption.  There may be some other features, but that's what I can think of off the top of my head.  In addition, we don't support production depployments without a Central Manager.  But for lab testing of basic optimization, 2 devices is fine.



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