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350 Bridge vs 1200 AP

We have a simple setup of one 350 connected to another 350 at a remote site. We then replaced the 350s with 1200 aps. Data works fine over the access points, but the voice (7940s) wont work at all. In reading some of the other posts, it seems that you have to configure the voice vlan on the AP and associate it with the SSID. What I dont understand is that the 350s had no form on VLAN configuration at all so why would the 1200 AP need VLAN configuration?

If the AP do need VLAN configuration, do you then create two SSIDs, one for data (one VLAN) and then another for voice (voice vlan). Then do you associate each SSID with that VLAN? If this is correct, then how will the computers know to use the data VLAN?

I then read on another way where you put the data on the native vlan and then the voice on one vlan. You still have to associate the native vlan with a SSID and then the voice vlan with another SSID though, correct? Again, why do you have to do all this on the 1200 APs and not the 350s?


Re: 350 Bridge vs 1200 AP

When you need to segment your network into data and voice n/w you have to create one SSID for each network and use VLANs. One SSID can be associated only with one VLAN.

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