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3750 Integrated WirelessLAN Controller: Operational Status:resetting

Hi there!

A customer has a WS-C3750G-24WS-S50 WLC-Controller with exactly 50 APs. But those 50 Accesspoints are never completely registered to the WLC. Mostly there are 48-49 accesspoints registered but never 50.

The WLC is losing them randomly. It is never losing the same Ap. When looking via GUI it says "All APs 50" , "Total 49".

First of all I thought that I have the following problem:

The 4402-50 controller supports a maximum of 50 access points and has two ports. To support the maximum number of access points, you would need to create two AP-manager interfaces (see Figure 3-15) because a 4400 series controller can support only 48 access points on one port.

But this is not for the 3750  Integrated WirelessLAN Controller, because you have LAG enabled by default and you cannot change this. Therfore you are not able to create a second AP-Manager interface.

So let´s forget about this.

Then I tried some things on CLI an I noticed the following:

sw-mr-01-01#sh platform wireless-controller 6
Wireless Controller in Switch 6
Operational Status of the Controller : resetting
Service VLAN                         : 4095
Service Port Mac Address             : 0025.8420.8e8f
Service IP Address                   :
Management IP Address                :
Management VLAN                      : 0
Software Version                     :
Keepalive Version(controller/switch) : 1/1
Keepalives Missed                    : 16
Controller accepts http/https        : 0/1
Controller's Status Line             : up
Watchdog resets of Controller        : 1
Controller resets total              : 0
Unacknowledged control messages      : 27

I guess it is not normal that the status is "resetting" although the WLC is running. I can work on GUI and CLI, so it is not really "resetting"

According to the Config Guide status should be "operational".

Is this maybe my problem? The customer is not able to do a good WIPT because the WLC is maybe resetting somehow internaly or something like this.

In traps I got every minute "Lost heartbeat with supervisor" which normaly should be solved in earlier releases. I have


Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: 3750 Integrated WirelessLAN Controller: Operational Status:r

Hi Mike,

What version of code is the 3750 itself running?



Re: 3750 Integrated WirelessLAN Controller: Operational Status:r

Hi Jeff!

Version is:

(C3750-IPBASEK9-M), Version 12.2(53)SE


Re: 3750 Integrated WirelessLAN Controller: Operational Status:r

For this message (heartbeat lost with the supervisor), make sure you have right conection with the service port of the WCL from the Switch.

I´m assume you have an interface in the 3750 to provide conectivity between the 3750 and the service-port. I have never used a VLAN ID as high as 4095; I don´t if the Switch preconfigures this vlan for service-port purposes; Anyway, you have in the Swtich a VLAN interface (in that case Int vlan 4095) that allows you to connect with the WLC through service- port interface.

Once you have this message resolved, comments us if the status is still being "resetting"

Best regards.


Re: 3750 Integrated WirelessLAN Controller: Operational Status:r

I do not think that show platform on the 3750 give us any information. I suggest that you telnet/ssh to the WLC and collect the output of show ap summary, show ap join stats summary all and show ap join detail . The output will tell you which AP is stuck.

As a side notes, the limitation on 48 APs is on non-LAG configuration. WiSM and 3750 Integrated WLC have to use LAG.

Re: 3750 Integrated WirelessLAN Controller: Operational Status:r

Actually all 50 accesspoints are working fine. One of the accesspoints was replaced, the other one was in the wrong VLAN and got a wrong IP.

But I still have the "resetting"-problem. I installed newest bootloader, did a reboot, but still the same.

Also it still shows Software Version 5.2.... when doing "show platform wireless-controller" instead of

When doing "show sysinfo" it shows

Re: 3750 Integrated WirelessLAN Controller: Operational Status:r

Do you still have the same error message (heartbeat timeout)?

Best regards.

Re: 3750 Integrated WirelessLAN Controller: Operational Status:r

Yes, every minute.

Re: 3750 Integrated WirelessLAN Controller: Operational Status:r

Could you verify the conectivity between the Switch and the WLC through the service-port??? Normaly this message is a control communication error between both devices, and this communication is made using this interface.

Using an extended ping and the service port GW as a source you can verify if both devices are talking 

Best regards.

Re: 3750 Integrated WirelessLAN Controller: Operational Status:r

To be honest, I don´t understand that service-port thing. I do not use the service-port. IP is mask

That´s it. Why do I have to confugure that or how respectively.

Could you explane what steps I have to so????

Re: 3750 Integrated WirelessLAN Controller: Operational Status:r


1) Assing an IP address for a subnet you are sure you don´t use. for example /24; GW (via WLC GUI).

2) I suppose (because I have not configured any 3750 WLC) that the service port uses the vlan ID 4095 (This is I saw in any capture). then you have to create a int vlan 4095 in the Switch and assing the GW ip address of your WLC service-port.

3) Ping to verify conectivity between devices.

I´m suppose you have the service port via DHCP (it could be the reason you have an IP, this is not a best practice; Cisco recommends that assing an IP to this interface and never let to DHCP, specially if you don´t have any dhcp server in this VLAN.

Good Luck and sorry for my english.

Best Regards.

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