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7920 auth failed -though verified ssid & encypt. correct

we have two 7920's and seen that we could not get them to authenticate to AP though both ssid and the encryptions on both the 7920 & AP were correct.

both phones could not authenticate and all settings were correct.

it wasn't until we reset the phones to factory defaults and re-keyed all settings then we could auth to AP.

any suggests as to why such occured ??


Cisco Employee

Re: 7920 auth failed -though verified ssid & encypt. correct

Sounds like a config issue.

Was it ever working? Did you upgrade/downgrade phone firmware?

Which authentication/encryption is used?

Community Member

Re: 7920 auth failed -though verified ssid & encypt. correct

we thought the same, but it was working fine. for the time that we used them and there was no upgrade, using latest firmware.

The thing I failed to say was that we had left the phone's go dead, and needed to re-charge them before usage. <-after recharge was when we saw them unable to authenticate or authenticate failed. we could only use them after resetting them to factory defaults and re-keying the configs.

authentication wep 128 bit,w/ with un-broadcasted ssid

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