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7920 dhcp?

I have a 7920 phone that I recently setup in our lab. I have setup DHCP on AP. I don't have any problem getting IPs for laptops. However, I am not able to get IP on 7920. It found AP and passed the authentication, but failed to receive IP. Any suggenstion?



Re: 7920 dhcp?

This looks like a configuration issue. Else the 7920 Wireless phones should be able to get an IP. Can you post the configuration of the AP.

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Re: 7920 dhcp?

i am having the same problem. This is my switchport config:

interface FastEthernet2/0/19

description ***Cisco Wwireless Access Point 1200***

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,30

switchport mode trunk

switchport nonegotiate

spanning-tree portfast

spanning-tree bpduguard enable

data is on vlan 1 and voice on vlan 30

the switch is the dhcp server for the voice network, following is config:

ip dhcp pool VOICE


option 150 ip


The cme ip address is and this is the switchport config for cme:

interface FastEthernet1/0/22

description ***Call Manager Express***

switchport access vlan 30

switchport mode access

speed 100

duplex full

The DATA network can obtain ip address from from the access point, but not the voice network?

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Re: 7920 dhcp?

In my case, I mistyped wep key on the wireless phone. I wasn't looking at the LCD screen when I typed wep key on 7920. In some reason, number 2 and 3 key responed different way than other keys. Once I fixed that, everything was fine. As far as your config goes, it looks ok. I guess you have multiple DHCP pools for your voice and data. Do you also have different SSID?

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