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7920 mobiles & 350 bridges

We have a customer WLAN comprising a 350 Bridge with an omni antenna connecting to an AP1200. The customer wants to run 7920 IP mobiles roaming between the 350 and the 12000. The 350 is set to be a "Root Bridge" and the AP1200 associates with it fine as does a PC with a PC Card, the PC can also roam between the AP and the bridge.

THe 7920's will associate with the 1200 and work just fine with it but they do not even see the 350 bridge nor does it seem to see them, they don't show up in it's associations list. It's as if the two devices just plain ignore each other.

Is there some setting on the 350 bridge that we need to set to allow the 7920's to associate with it?


Andrew Brazier

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Re: 7920 mobiles & 350 bridges

Solved! The solution was to upgrade the firmware on the 350 Bridges from 12.00T to 12.04. I searched Cisco's web site plus all the README's for all the firmwares from 11.xx up to 12.04 and there's not a mention of any problem. Strange that.

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