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7921 AP recommendation

what will be the best recommendation of AP to use for 7921 IP phone. and is there any restriction on how many phones can register to this AP and how many calls it can handle

Cisco Employee

Re: 7921 AP recommendation

There are many deployments using the Cisco WLC and the AP1130.

I recommend that platform unless you are also planning to deploy 802.11n for other client types.

For capacity, there can be up to 27 phones on call per ap/channel at 24 Mbps or higher.

See the 7921G Deployment Guide for more info.

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Re: 7921 AP recommendation

what is the difference in performance if I use 1240AG instead of 1130? how about for higher data rates, will this support more than 27 calls? and what will happen to the 28th caller on the AP?

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Re: 7921 AP recommendation

Also is it advisable to use radio A for voice and G for data traffic? will the AP be able to handle both voice and data traffic at the same time when voice is on A and data is on G?

Cisco Employee

Re: 7921 AP recommendation

The performance for the 1130 and 1240 are pretty much the same and the capacity #s are the same.

The 1130 is primarily for office, healthcare type environments.

The 1240 is intended for envionrments like mfg, retail, where different types of antennas are required.

Yes it is highly recommended to always use 5 GHz as it offers more channels and has less interferers than 2.4 GHz.

See the 7921G Deployment Guide for more info.

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Re: 7921 AP recommendation

Mabuhay kabayan!

The 1130/1140 APs were designed for office-type environment: lots of cubicles, offices, compactors, etc. The 1240/1250 were designed specifically for semi-industrial use: warehouse, cinemas, factory, etc.

The 1130/1140 has fixed internal antennae while the 1240/1250 have a variety of antennaes to choose from.

The 7921/7925 can work with anyone of the above-mentioned AP's.

The 1130/1140 is, by far, the most affordable.

Hope this helps.

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