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7921 - intermittently flip to vibrate

Running into an issue where multiple users have complained that their 7921 phones have flipped to vibrate without their involvement.

I realize holding the asterisks key can engage vibrate - thinking that could be hit by accident in a pocket or something.

I have talked to numerous users that state that they have the keypad locked and many times the phone will flip to vibrate and their missing calls.

Anybody else run into a similar scenario?

Using CM 4.2 and default firmware.

Cisco Employee

Re: 7921 - intermittently flip to vibrate

They may be pressing the down arrow accidentally. For the * key to trigger vibrate it must be pressed and held for 1 second.

Are these shared lines? If the line is in use remotely, believe the keypad can become unlocked.

Please ensure that you are using 1.3(2) firmware for the 7921.

Community Member

Re: 7921 - intermittently flip to vibrate

No, not shared lines. Good thought though...

We did try to upgrade to the latest firmware, however it caused major problems and we had to revert back. Calls would have intermittent dead silence on both ends for a second or two or three periodically.

Cisco Employee

Re: 7921 - intermittently flip to vibrate

Would need more info on these other issues in regards to audio gaps. Are you using the WLAN controller and CCKM? If so, which WLC and AP version are you using?

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