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7921G - Ascii WEP Key versus HEX WEP Key

I recently ran into an interesting issue with 4 new 7921G phones that I wanted to pass along to see if anyone else had experienced the issue or had any input or thoughts on it..

The phones were brand new phones with 1.3(3) firmware

Controller is a WiSM running

SSID is configured for 128-bit WEP encryption using a HEX Key

Sample HEX WEP Key 73756d6d65726973736f617765736f6d65

Sample ASCII WEP Key summerissoawesome

when we configured them via the USB connection using a cradle and configure the phone with the SSID and specify HEX for the WEP key and paste the WEP key in it fails to work, if we simply change it to ASCII and paste the ASCII key in it works perfectly.

I downloaded and opened the XML config file and verified that the config on the WLC shows it is a HEX formatted key or at the very least it specifies HEX in the line.

I have phones with older firmware that do not experience this issue and the older phones which are on the network and working show their key is configured as a HEX key, I can consistently recreate it with new fresh out of the box 1.3(3) phones.

Is this a possible bug?

Any thoughts or insight?



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Re: 7921G - Ascii WEP Key versus HEX WEP Key

This has been confirmed as a bug.

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