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7921G in residential VoIP setup?

What additional equipment/apps do I need to acquire/install in order to use 7921G phone with my commercial VoIP provider - broadvoice.

It looks like I can easily connect this baby to my Aironet AP-1231 wireless access point. Will I be able to just set up SIP parameters in the phone without any additional equipment? What if I want to hook up a couple of these phones - what would I need in order to do that? Some sort of additional box running asterisk or something?

Cisco Employee

Re: 7921G in residential VoIP setup?

7921G does not support SIP currently, but only SCCP.

For configuring the phone, there is a phone web page which can be utilized for configuration either via wirelesss or USB connection. See admin guide for more info @

Community Member

Re: 7921G in residential VoIP setup?

Too bad,

I think this is otherwise a very good unit to be used with a box running Asterisk. Are they planning to port this to SIP? Wouldn't it be nice to hook up a couple of these to an Asterisk box via Aironet AP-1200 series Access Point?

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