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7925 Phone does not switch to 802.11b

We have around 25 7925 phones deployed, but they are not switching to 802.11b when Auto RSSI mode is selected. The WAP's are enabled for 802.11 a/b/g/n. Anybody experienced this before ?


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7925 Phone does not switch to 802.11b

Do you have "Client Band Select" enabled under your WLAN configuration?

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7925 Phone does not switch to 802.11b

If you have a properly deigned 802.11a network, your phones may not roam using 802.11b. I am assuming you dont mean 802.11b, but rather 2.4 ghz ?

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7925 Phone does not switch to 802.11b

Auto-RSSI will use the best possible signal, like George mentioned not knowing your design layout 5GHz could simply be the best signal which is what you want.

What firmware is on the phone? This plays an important role as well, certain firmwares roamed better than others when using both frequencies.

Typically phones are deployed for Auto-802.11a if the design is meant to support 5GHz Voice allowing for failback to 2.4GHz Voice when needed such as exterior, shelter, warehousing, etc.

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7925 Phone does not switch to 802.11b

Up until the 1.3(4) release, the 792x phone could roam to the "less preferred" band and remain there if there was adequate signal from that band even when moving back into range of the "preferred" band.

The 1.3(4) and later offers seamless interband roaming.

Before that, you could roam between bands, but was not seamless.  Would have a small interruption while scanning and attempting to authenticate to an AP on the different band.

Suggest to use 1.4.2 or later for best results.  Highly recommend to use, recently released.

Yes, Auto-a is the typical design (e.g. 5 GHz indoors and 2.4 GHz outdoors).

Yes, if you want to roam between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, then yes Band Select should be disabled as outlined in my 7925G Deployment Guide.

See the roaming sections for more info about seamless interband roaming as well.

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