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7925s across a Campus design considerations

Customer is looking at about 800 7925s across a campus, they mentioned having a single 7925 voice vlan (10.x.x.x/16) across all Wireless LAN Controllers (4400s) for the whole campus for these 7925s.  This doesn’t sound good having all 7925s on same subnet across multiple buildings.

What are others doing as the Enterprise Mobility Guide 4.1 doesn’t give much thought.

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Re: 7925s across a Campus design considerations

Hi Jason,

it is interesting to note that by default broadcasts are not allowed and anyway not carried between wireless clients. So the usual argument against having big subnets doesn't hold for wireless clients.

This said, I would also be for smaller subnets. One per building is usually something good. One per floor is not a good idea as clients often roam to APs on other floors and we want to avoid inter-vlan roaming as much as possible for simplicity's sake. So I'd vote for the "1 vlan per building".


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Re: 7925s across a Campus design considerations

I am fighting that battle right now. We have 1000+ on a /16. We are deploying AP groups.

Nick, to your point. On the WLC you can select broadcast forwarding ...

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