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Advice for design on rural wifi network

hi there,

I've been asked to look into the setup of a wireless network used by a number of houses in a rural connection.

Due to the scant availability of broadband they have setup a system of wireless access points to share internet connections amongst several homes.

At present all access points are on the same subnet. (192.168.1.x)  There is a router in each house whose WAN interface is on the 192.168.1.x subnet. As all APs and routers (WAN) are onthe same subnet it would only take one bad host to cause problems for the whole network. I have attached a basic diagram of the network.

They are experiencing reliability problems particularly in homes that have to traverse a number of access points to reach the broadband line.

This is very much a DIY network and I'm interested how this could have been architected. They have some money to replace the existing equipment (non-cisco) if it will address the issues.

Can anyone offer any advice on what they would recommend to improve reliability? Thanks for any help with this



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Re: Advice for design on rural wifi network

I have no idea what modem/router you have but if your modem is capable of doing multiple subnets/VLANs, then I'd recommend the Management IP address of the router and AP(s) to be in a subnet and VLAN, wired and wireless in each on their own subnet and VLANs.

For wired and wireless, make sure the DHCP lease time is as short as 30 minutes. Wired and wireless subnet can either be /24 or /23 but I'd prefer to be /24.

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Hi,1st thing, there is no any


1st thing, there is no any diagram attached for better understanding your scenario.

2nd the answer which Leo has provided is good, if you want to customize your existing networking.

And if you are looking for to architecture a better wireless network in rural area..then purchase this Cisco Aironet 1530 Series Outdoor Access point, with high gain externel antenna.

External Single-band 2.4GHz antenna
AIR-ANT2413P2M-N= (13 dBi, dual polarized patch)

This outdoor Accesspoint you have to deploye at your own premisis roof top mean from where your want to provide services.
And for customer premesis outdoor deployement (cisco aironet 1400 series wireless bridge) at roof top is better option.. 

So, your network diagram would be like attached diagram.







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