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Aironet 1310 config

I have a remote location at one of my plants that needs voice for safety purposes, but would cost far too much to trench and install fiber. I plan to use 4 Aironet 1310 wireless bridges to connect to a 3560 8 port switch from two different directions. We need redundancy since the signal from one 1310 link could be blocked. Is it possible to configure the bridges to failover in case of loss of signal from one pair? For that matter, how do I configure these two connections to the network to avoid conflict with voice packets?

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Aironet 1310 config

As I can understand that you have the following setup

Root 1  ------------------------- NonRoot1

Root 2 -------------------------- NonRoot2

In case lets say Root1 is down Non-Root1 should failover to Root2 and vice versa right?


Aironet 1310 config


There is no way to do this by configuring something on the bridges, as there are no features on the bridges that we can configure on them to say: "Monitor another wired link between these two sites, and if that one goes down, then associate with the other bridge to start passing traffic over here, or use both links load-balancing traffic between each other.
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