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Aironet 350 and 340 together


I have an existing building connection with two Aironet 340 brigdes with Yagi antennas. Now I would like to replace one of the 340s with a 350.Will they work together??

And is it possible to reach another building by connecting a second YAGI antenna to the second port of the 350??

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Re: Aironet 350 and 340 together

RE: your 1st question:

The 340 has an RF power output of 30mW (15dBm). The 350 has an output of 100mW (20dBm). The FCC max for EIRP (Effective Isotropic Radiated Power) is 4Watts (36dBm).

If your antenna has more than 16dBi gain you may exceed the FCC max by attaching it to a 350.

[20dBm + 16dBm = 36dBm (4Watts)]

This can be avoided by:

- Setting the 350 to a lower power setting OR

- Ensuring that any gain above 16dBi at the antenna is offset by loss in the coax cable and connectors

Re your 2nd question:

No. The two connectors are not meant to be used for two different paths. Doing so will make both paths unreliable as the radio can only talk to one at a time.

Re: Aironet 350 and 340 together


thanks a lot. That was very helpful.

But now I have another problem.

I had two aironet 340, which I used as an backup for an existing link between two catalyst 6509. All the time this worked great with one of the ports being in blocking state.

Now I changed the 340s against 350s and the STP won't work anymore. One of the 350s always logs an error message: Network Bridge Loop: Received packet from Self destined to AWC Mcast AP-Only on port "fec0".

What have I done wrong in my configuration ???

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Re: Aironet 350 and 340 together

What's the emoticon for a blank stare?

I can't replicate it here and I can't think of what it might be off the top of my head. I assume that you had it all working before, no?

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Re: Aironet 350 and 340 together

Apparently there is a difference between the STP versions on 340 and 350's.

We managed to get a 350 workgroup bridge to communicate with the central 240 Ethernet Bridge.

I am now having problems getting a 340 workgroup bridge to communicate with a 350 Ethernet Bridge.

Did you manage to fix your problem?

Re: Aironet 350 and 340 together


thanks for your input. Up to now I have no solution. I try to get another pair of 350s for testing. Keep you posted.

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