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Antenna recommendation for small warehouse

Going to send a 1231G out to a branch office for WVoIP. (Still deciding if he's getting a 7920 or 7921, not a factor for this question).

The building is 100' x 100'. The ceiling is 20' at the sides and rises to 25' in the middle.

The shop floor is 100' x 83'. There are no major obsructions throughout the floor either. Plus there is an outside yard off one side that runs the length of the building and out about 35'.

The office is (obviously) 100' x 17', constructed of wood studs and drywall. I'm pretty sure the walls only go up 10' or so, and then are open on top in the shop. Inside the office area is a drop-ceiling.

I'll probably have the AP on the outside wall of the office in the shop, on a short out-crop that extends in the shop about 30', at a height of (maybe 8'). This would put the AP very close to the middle of the building.

My quandry is this: between the AIR-ANT1728 and AIR-ANT4941 will either give adequate coverage? What I'm having confusion/difficulty about is they both have similar ranges, but the 1728 only has a 36 degree vertical beam width, where the 4941 has a 65 degree. If I understand that correctly, the 1728 has a more horizontal distance to get in the beam than the 4941, right? Is one better than the other for VoIP?

What's driving this is the cost difference. I actually have (or will have) two spare 2506 antennas once maintainence runs electrical to my new 1310AP, but I need to get this out there before that will happen.

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