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New Member

AP 340 high strength, low quality

Hi -

I have an ap 340, that when the client laptop associates with it and they run the diagnostics, they get a signal strength of 100% and a quality of 3% - does anybody of any ideas what would be going on? The APs are mounted on the walls near the ceiling or sitting on the ceiling tiles. They are running 11.08T firmware. I also see the following message frequently: Station [AP340-43918d]00409643918d Reassociated.

Thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.



Gerri Urban


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New Member

Re: AP 340 high strength, low quality

Best guesses:

1. Other 2.4GHz signals or interference in the area. Signal 'Quality' is raw signal strength minus noise value. Shut down the client and run the Carrier Test under Diagnostics on the AP to check other signals and noise in the area.

2. Reflected signals. If you are not already using diversity mode, do. Move the AP and client away from metal surfaces that might be creating reflected signals. If that can't be done switch to circular polarized antennas.

Matthew Wheeler

Blue Modal

Cisco Employee

Re: AP 340 high strength, low quality


I saw exactly the same thing recently and rather than troubleshoot, I took the easyway out and upgraded the AP and that seemed to fix it.

(I also upgraded the client ACU, firmware, and driver, but I think it was the AP upgrade that fixed it)

New Member

Re: AP 340 high strength, low quality

Interesting - I just finished upgrading all of the AP's once we get ACS fully functional (which of course includes upgrading the client ACU, firmware and driver too), I'll have them check the signal strength again

Thanks for the information


New Member

Re: AP 340 high strength, low quality


I had this problem while tinkering with an AP and a couple of 340 PCMCIA NICs. I also got the symptom of IPX working fine, but Windows (98SE) simply refusing to build an IP stack for that adapter.

I sorted the problem by removing all traces of the software install (using safemode and regedit, just to be sure) and then upgrading all firmware, drivers and software to the latest versions.

Alternatively, if you're running Win2K, get hold of some 350 cards, pop them in and watch true plug-n-play in action...!

Phil Smith


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