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AP repeater and vlan


I have a mistake in my configuration but I don't know where.

I use WLSE,ACS,WDS an AP on two sites and it works well.

I use 3 vlan (native 1 , voip and data)

WDS and AP are 1100B

Phone is 7920

I need to add 2 new AP1100G, and it works well.

Now I need to use to AP1100G as repeater, I configure but I am not sure of my configuration.

If I read the doc I need to configure only one SSID and use with a native VLAN.

Which 1 or voip vlan ?

If I try voip as default vlan, my repeater is associed with my AP or WDS, but my phone don't want to authenticate.

I can't troubleshoot my repeater because ethernet is disable and I can't access the IP address.

I think that I am not clear, but my question is how can I configure a repeater behind an AP or WDS configurured with multiple vlan. ?

I have passed 3 days about this problem and I don't know how can I resolve it.

I don't find any document about it .


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Re: AP repeater and vlan

Hi Eric,

Have a look at this doc;

Guidelines for Repeaters

Follow these guidelines when configuring repeater access points:

Use repeaters to serve client devices that do not require high throughput. Repeaters extend the coverage area of your wireless LAN, but they drastically reduce throughput.

Use repeaters when most if not all client devices that associate with the repeaters are Cisco Aironet clients. Non-Cisco client devices sometimes have trouble communicating with repeater access points.

Make sure that the data rates configured on the repeater access point match the data rates on the parent access point. For instructions on configuring data rates, see the "Configuring Radio Data Rates" section.

Repeater access points support only the native VLAN. You cannot configure multiple VLANs on a repeater access point.

From this doc;

Cisco IOS Software Configuration Guide for Cisco Aironet Access Points 12.3(7)JA

Configuring Repeater and Standby Access Points and Workgroup Bridge Mode

Q. What are the implications if your AP is in repeater mode?

A. The Ethernet port is disabled in repeater mode.

Hope this helps!


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Re: AP repeater and vlan

Hi rob,

and thanks for your reply.

I add more information about my configuration.

My AP has 3 vlans, vlan 1 native with ip address, and 2 others vlans for voip and data ( 1 SSID).

For the repeater as you explain in your message, I can configure only 1 vlan as native.

When I configure one vlan , voip as native, the repeater is associated with AP but no data ( wifi phone) are passing.

Is it possible with an ip address on the vlan voip (as native) to manage the repeater (without ethernet).




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