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AP1121 and Cisco 7920

I've configured AIR-AP1121G-A-K9 and clients already associated adn they works with out problems-

xxx#sh dot11 associations

802.11 Client Stations on Dot11Radio0:

SSID [xxx] :

MAC Address IP address Device Name Parent State

0040.96b1.59a5 CB21AG/PI21AG RG07 self Assoc

0040.96b5.167d CB21AG/PI21AG RG11 self Assoc

0040.96b5.16d3 CB21AG/PI21AG RG15 self Assoc

I'm trying to connect Cisco 7920 phone to AP but failed.

First question - does AP1121 support Cisco 7920?


Re: AP1121 and Cisco 7920

I am not sure that there would be incompatibility in the hardware, but probably in the authentication process... what kind of settings has the SSID you try to connect your phone to?

A few debug might help also. 7920 has specific requirements to associate (IOS version 12.3(8) or later, QOS enabled, etc)...



Cisco Employee

Re: AP1121 and Cisco 7920

Yes 7920 is supported on the AP1121G. What authentication are you trying to use?

If using key-management (WPA, WPA-PSK, CCKM), then would want to set the phone to AKM mode. LEAP and EAP-FAST modes can do WEP w/ optional CCKM.

Would suggest to try a ssid w/ open and no encryption first, then can increase authentication & encryption.

Community Member

Re: AP1121 and Cisco 7920

Thank's to all. I found my mistake - i configured it remotly via

Cisco 7920 Configuration Utility

and didn't disconnect USB-connection from Phone to computer.

Cisco Employee

Re: AP1121 and Cisco 7920

If USB is active and your WLAN is also using the same network as the USB (, then this could prevent from receiving an IP address. Will need to disable the USB first or simply power cycle the phone after upload the configuration.

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