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Basic VoIP Wireless Setup

Can someone give me a somewhat detailed explainanation on how to configure 2 1200 APS connected to each other with VoIP phones? One AP is connected directly to our main network and the other AP is connected to a small LAN at a remote site with a couple 7940 phones. What roles should I give both APs? Do I need to enable VLANS. If I do, do I do both the data VLAN and the Voice VLAN? Or do I just configure one VLAN for the voice and let the data go over the native vlan? If I do configure two VLANs, do i then have to configure two SSIDs and associate one with each?


Re: Basic VoIP Wireless Setup

To manage voice traffic more efficiently, use separate virtual LANs (VLANs) for voice and data on the network switches and the access points. By isolating the voice traffic onto a separate VLAN, you can use QoS to provide priority treatment for voice packets when traveling across the network. In addition to configuring separate VLANs on the network switches, the access points that are configured to support voice connections on the wireless LAN (WLAN) must have the same separate VLANs:

Auxiliary VLAN supports Voice traffic to and from the wireless IP phone .Native VLAN supports Data traffic to and from the wireless PC (native VLAN) .

Assign separate Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs) to the voice and data VLANs. You can also configure a separate management VLAN in the WLAN, but do not associate an SSID with the management VLAN.

By separating the phones onto a voice VLAN, you can ensure that voice traffic gets priority treatment over data and management traffic resulting in lower delay and fewer lost packets.

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