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Best practice power setting when doing a Site Survey for VOIP


Hi Team,


Can someone please confirm or correct me.  When doing a Wireless Active Site Survey for Cisco VOIP, I should be setting the Test AP to local power of 14, which is 25mW?  Is this correct, or should it be another value?  I asked the customer for the power of their weakest client and they do not know, but they claim there's a high probably that they will go with Cisco VOIP clients.



Cisco Employee

When you check the signal

When you check the signal coverage, make sure the AP's radio transmit power does not use a transmit power greater than what the client devices can support. For example, by default, the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G uses the highest available transmit power by default (17 dBm / 50 mW for 2.4 GHz and 16 dBm / 40 mW for 5 GHz). It is possible to have a survey report that shows good coverage in all areas; however, if you have APs that operate at the highest transmit power, you might still experience uplink issues where the client devices do not support the same transmit power. For areas where there is deficient coverage, and you increase the AP transmit power to levels that the client devices cannot support, this only increases coverage on the downlink.


Link for the same :-


 Hi,Whatever the transmit



Whatever the transmit power level you set on your local AP, but be sure it shouldn't be more than what client devices can support.

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