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Cisco 7925 phone not joining the network

I have a Cisco 7925G phone, LAP1142N access points and a 5508 with version 6.0.182 WLC. The phone will not join the network, nor do I see any errors in the Log of the WLC. The phone is set to AKM and the keys match on the WLC and the phone. How do I set the logging parameters on the WLC so that the messages being generated by the phone when it tries to join the network will show up in the WLC logs?

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Cisco 7925 phone not joining the network

I would first try an open ssid, to ensure that the 7925G phone can associate without security enabled and rule out a security misconfig.

If set to AKM, then the phone will try to use WPA/WPA2-PSK or LEAP.

Ensure the 1140 is not set to channel 165 as the 792x phones do not support this channel.

If you have a -W model then you need to add the 802.11d / country code info.

The supported country codes are in the 7921G Deployment Guide.

Also would recommend upgrading the WLC to or

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Re: Cisco 7925 phone not joining the network

To answer your question directly, use the command:

"debug client "

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