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Compatibility Spectralink wifi phones with WLC4402 and AP1020

Does anyone know if Spectralink wifi phones runs over a Cisco WLAN solution that includes a WLC 4402 and 1020 APs??

Thanks in advance.


Re: Compatibility Spectralink wifi phones with WLC4402 and AP102

As long as the AP and the phone support 802.11b, you should be good. One note of caution though...some thought over which phone firmware and how the WLAN is laid out physically should be considered. Spectralink utilizes a "countdown timer" once a signal gets low enough to trigger this event. This may cause problems since the phone doesn't roam the way a laptop does based on signal alone. Picture being in an elevator where each floor has its own AP right outside the door where the signals are low enough on the AP side that you would expect the phone to pick up each AP as it passes from floor to floor. The timer doesn't go as fast as the elevator and this didn't really work out as planned. Lots of dropped calls etc...the main reason is we had to lock our datarates at 11mbps. I believe, although I never got to test it, that had we been allowed to lower the datarates the phones would have behaved.

Also the good battery life of the Spectralink phones is due in part to the sleep mode thing where after so much inactivity it goes to sleep to save the battery and every so many milliseconds it checks to see if it needs to wake up. You need to make sure there is always enough signal around for these things to occur and not miss any calls.

I would do some testing before I bought anything, but Spectralink works pretty much everywhere...

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Re: Compatibility Spectralink wifi phones with WLC4402 and AP102

Cisco has a "SpectraLink Phone Design and Deployment Guide" you can also go to spectralink's web site for more info.

Cisco Employee

Re: Compatibility Spectralink wifi phones with WLC4402 and AP102

Hi Rases,

Yeah it works fine for me with 4404 controller and AP1000 series so it should also work fine 4402 controller.

But you can check the design guide on spectra link website.



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