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DECT/Wifi phones

Hi, I have to replace the current DECT system of one of our sites. We already have a callmanager 6.1 available. We also have some Cisco AP 1131AG's at this site. I have two questions about this:

1.Do I need a WLC if I want to roam between AP's with a 7921G phone? Or is this also possible with standalone AP's?

2.What are cheaper alternatives then the 7921G? May also be a DECT system. I need around 5 base-stations and 20 phones. But I must be able to roam between the base-stations.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: DECT/Wifi phones

A Wireless Lan Controller is not necessary in order to roam between AP's. I have several standalone installations that roam just fine. But I would recommend to have a cisco access switch to connect your access points to.

There are no cheaper alternatives from Cisco.

You may use third party SIP wireless phones that connect to the CallManager but I am not sure how well the roaming would work. It's up to you to take the risk or to perform some tests.

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Re: DECT/Wifi phones

Thanks a lot for your answer! We do have a Cisco network on this location, so that shouldn't be the problem...

I think I am going to buy some 3rd party SIP phones to try... Please let me know if somebody knows a cheap DECT vendor or a good 3rd party SIP phone which can roam between AP's.

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Re: DECT/Wifi phones

I am also interested in learning about experiences with 3rd party wireless SIP phones and how well they roam and interoperate with Cisco Callmanager.

Jmaat, if you try I would appreciate it if you could inform me too :)

Re: DECT/Wifi phones

Ascom has both WiFi SIP phones and they also provide IP DECT solutions.

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