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New Member

Disassociations problems with AP1240AG


i have a site with 3 1240AG APs and several 7920s.

APs are running 123-8.JEA2 (last IOS).

Sometimes i have one way audio between the IPPhones. After debugging i found out the following:

Sometimes (!)when a client is leaving an AP, AP-1 for example, and gets associated with AP-2, AP-2 sends the IAPP Sent Disassociation Notice to the other APs; AP-1 receives the IAPP: Rcvd Disassociation Notice but does not disassosiates the client!

So, 7920 is on AP-2 but AP-1 thinks is on itself!

What could be going wrong?

APs are connected on a 3com office connect but no vlans exist.

Also, all APs have correct MAC-address filtering.


Cisco Employee

Re: Disassociations problems with AP1240AG

Sure the original AP is receiving the IAPP packeet from the new AP?

IAPP is a multicast packet, so will want to ensure there is minimal multicast/broadcast traffic in the AP native vlan to ensure delivery success.

Also is a requirement to have VLANs when implementing voice in the network.

New Member

Re: Disassociations problems with AP1240AG


yes the AP receives that packet but it does nothing:

That debug is from the AP-2:

Sep 17 16:11:33.574: IAPP: Association Indication station=001b.0ce2.7900

Sep 17 16:11:33.575: %DOT11-6-ASSOC: Interface Dot11Radio0, Station SEP001b0ce27900 001b.0ce2.7900 Reassociated KEY_MGMT[NONE]

Sep 17 16:11:33.575: IAPP: Sent Disassociation Notice Dest=0140.96ff.ff00 Src=001b.0ce2.7900

Sep 17 16:11:33.576: IAPP: Sent DDP Info Report Dest=001b.0ce2.7900 Src=0019.07c7.86e0

Sep 17 16:11:33.605: IAPP: Rcvd DDP Info Report Src=001b.0ce2.7900

Sep 17 16:11:34.576: IAPP: Sent General Info. Request Dest=001b.0ce2.7900 Src=0019.56f2.ab00

And that is what AP-1 does when receives the packet:

Sep 17 16:11:34.083: IAPP: Rcvd Disassociation Notice Src=001b.0ce2.7900

ap_-1#sh dot11 associations

802.11 Client Stations on Dot11Radio0:

SSID [****] :

MAC Address IP address Device Name Parent State

001b.0ce2.78fc CP-7920 SEP001b0ce278fc self MAC-Assoc

001b.0ce2.78ff CP-7920 SEP001b0ce278ff self MAC-Assoc

001b.0ce2.7900 CP-7920 SEP001b0ce27900 self MAC-Assoc

It continues to have client 001b.0ce2.7900 associated.

There is no way to do vlans with 3com office connect but i don't think it is the main issue here since the wireless traffic is very low: only 5 7920s and 5 pos wireless barcode readers.



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