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dot11 priority-map AVVID


I see the "dot11 priority-map AVVID" command available on AP1200 and according to the Cisco documentation it maps packets tagged as class of service 5 to class of service 6. I assume this is done ingress on the Ethernet interface. That way Wireless infrastructure should be consistent with the AVVID. My question do you know if the AP1200 will mark back the packets with CoS 6 (Voice) to CoS 5 on the egress to the wired network or do I need to use policy-map to make sure I am sending the voice packets with CoS 5 to the LAN?

Thank you!

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Re: dot11 priority-map AVVID

I don't think the Cisco APs do the reverse process. i-e mark the packets back to COS 5. This feature is not supported.

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Re: dot11 priority-map AVVID

The priority map is to map CoS 5 packets bound for the WLAN to CoS 6 to put them into the high priority queue (1 way only). 7920 will send packets out w/ CoS 5, but most apply a default policy to set CoS to 6 for both inbound and outbound traffic for the radio interface. Don't want the AP to per packet inspection. Recommended to use DSCP markings (AF31 or CS3 for SCCP and EF for RTP) for priority.

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