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Dropped connection

We have a wireless lab in a large high school and we can only get 4 laptops to connect a time. Is there come configuration problem that we can't find? Also, how do you connect locally to the Aironet 350 to administer it?

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Re: Dropped connection

Serial settings are 9600,n,8,1. Look in the Advanced Client Radio settings for maximum associations.

Once it has an IP address it should answer from a browser with its built-in web server to show you the same screens as the serial console.

Of course, it could be a limitaion of the switch port that the AP is plugged into.

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Re: Dropped connection

administer it ( 1. using a crossover ethernet patch cable to connect directly to the AP, 2. if you have existing dhcp server, your AP should already grabbed an IP address ... use the IPSUV utility to find the current ip address of the AP or use serial cable to access via hyperterminal to find current ip)

if dhcp available, do you have enough ip addresses to go around? possibility of misconfig as well .. or bad AP.

I've done many of these AP350s but, not the issue you ran into. GoodLuck!

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