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DSCP and CoS mapping to use uAPSD

Hi CISCO experts, I'm trying to map some traffic to a DSCP and CoS priority. The fact is that doesn't work.


1.Set personal filter (myfilter)to forward from specific IP.

2.Set QoS policy: my_policy --> myfilter-CoS (4).

3. Add policy to 802.11g.

When I look up the IP traces DSCP is allways 0x00 (Best Efford).

If I map DSCP (best efford) to DSCP (vocie) doesnt work either.

What can I do? Im trying to emulate AC_VO or AC_VE so I can force the uAPSD protocol to work.

Best regards

Cisco Employee

Re: DSCP and CoS mapping to use uAPSD

Are you using a Cisco WLAN controller or autonomous AP?

You would need to ensure that the RTP (voice) packets to the AP has DSCP = EF.

There is an auto policy in the WLAN controller to map EF to UP6.

For autonomous, will need to create a QoS policy to do this.

But you do not want to map DSCP = 0 to UP6!

This defeats the purpose.

Will only want RTP packets to be marked as EF.

See the WLAN SRND and 7921G Deployment Guides for more info.

New Member

Re: DSCP and CoS mapping to use uAPSD

I'am using a Cisco 1130AG Light weight, so I sopose it is autonomous.

The thing is that I followed a Cisco guide that showed how to map an ICMP ping Request to any policy you wanted by filtering packets and then mapping them with a policy.

I'm not sending RTP, just want to know if there is something I'm missing because I try to map ICMP ping or TCP packets into Voice packets to do some tests so I can force uAPSD on my AP. When I capture with ethereal, DSCP = 0x00 (Best Efford) instead of voice priority.

Best Regards

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