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iphone and WIFI problem

I have multiple employees' with Apple iPhone's and we can only get one connect to the wireless network at a time. I have the 4402 wireless controller with 1131AG access points. The wireless network security is using a static WEP key with 104 bits key.

Like I said if one iPhone is connect the other one can't connect. If I turn off WIFI on the connected phone the other iPhone will connect. However while the iPhone is connect other wireless devices like laptops can connect without a problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

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Re: iphone and WIFI problem

Hi to all

I have the same problem, with iphone and with AVAYA's IP phones too.

I got a message at loggs of WLC,

"Client Excluded: MACAddress" xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx was disassociate fail 3 times to authenticate".

I don't undersant this behaivor because the iphone is doing roaming

please help me

Re: iphone and WIFI problem

Very interesting ... Are you able to get other devices on this SSID?

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Re: iphone and WIFI problem

Go to Security -> Wireless Protection Policy and until options to enable Client Exlusions due unable to authenticate. By default, this is enabled.

Hope this helps.

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Re: iphone and WIFI problem

That's odd. I've got two colleagues who's using their iPhone to connect to the AP using a SIP application successfully.

What does the WLC's logs say when the 2nd iPhone tries to connect? Are they trying to connect to the same AP? If so, how many clients are connected to the same AP?

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