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L2 roaming question

Hi all

We notice that the 7920 phones do not roam even though there is a 4402 Controller it remains connect to an AP it has discovered on start up.

Has anyone good some working parameters for the RF settings on the controller in the client roaming field?

Thanks in advance

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Re: L2 roaming question

7920 doesn't support the controller load-balancing feature as it makes the roaming decisions. Will need to ensure aggressive load-balancing is disabled on the controller.

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Re: L2 roaming question

Thanks will give that a go


Re: L2 roaming question

The default RF settings on the controller have nothing to do with the phone roaming. The phone is completely in control of when it roams.

If you have not enabled static WEP, WPA-PSK, or CCKM (LEAP or EAP-FAST) on the 7920, then you don't have 'fast roaming' anyway. Fast roaming means fast re-auth without having to go back to the RADIUS server (and potentially MS AD, etc.) which can take 1-3 secs per re-association to an AP. Using 802.1x or WPA1/WPA2 Enterprise with user accounts on the controller (local RADIUS) is not much better.

The default setting on the Cisco 7920 (and 7921) phone is to aggressively *NOT* roam because most people don't have fast roaming configured or configured correctly and it is better to roam as infrequently as possible. The problem, as detailed in the VoIPoWireless SRND, is poor voice quality.

See the following URLs:

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Re: L2 roaming question


all info sent to the person involved

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