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P to P VoIP

I created a point to point from HQ (Root) to Office2 (Non-Root) office with the Cisco AP 1310.

The problem that I am having is the VoIP phone at Office2 can not hear the other party at most of the other locations. There are a few phone that I can make an internal call to that have no problems.If you dial out to make a phone call there is no problems. Just internal transfers.

There are 3 VLANs that are coming across the PTP, Native VLAN, Data and VoIP.

The DATA is working great. I can connect to everything without a problem. And I can connect to the PC from any of the 8 offices.

The phone can get an IP through DHCP and can search the directory. Also I can call any extension. But from Office2 I can not hear the other party. They can hear me.

Description of the network:

HQ c4507 > (AP 1310 - Root Bridge) > ---- < (AP 1310 - Non-Root Bridge) < c3524 (f0/1 = Computer) (f0/2 = c7940 phone)

Steps taken:

I have switched out the c3524 and tried a c3560 with no change.

I brought both c3524 and c3560 back to HQ and plugged them directly into the trunk port on the c4507. I was able to place calls and it worked perfect.

I have reconfigued the bridges from scratch 2 times.

I looked at the other phones and switches and do not see anything that is missing or different. Some of the phones that work and dont work are on the same switch.

I am stumped. Has any one heard of this?


Re: P to P VoIP


Just to make sure I understand your issue.

Your 2 offices (HQ- non root) are connected over a p2p bridge. Both sides use wired VoIP phones.

Call Manager is in HQ, and non-root VoIP do register correctly.

It's only when non-root call HQ phones, or when HQ call non-root phones, that there is one way audio, correct?

What type of antenna do you use on your 1300s?

How far are they from each other? How good are the RSSI and SNR values on each side?



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