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New Member

problems with WIP310 phone

hello everyone,

we have since a few days the WIP310 phone and some problems came with it.

#1 the WIFI wizard (ver. 1.0.17)

i am telling the wizard to select WPA2 as WIFI encryption. on the next page ask the wizard me to enter a passphrase to generate WEP(!!!1) keys???

and it comes better, after finishing IT ERASES ALL PREVIOUSLY BY HAND ENTERED WLAN PROFILES!!@#!%

so i had to enter the 63 key signs with the keypad! i am so pi**ed.

#2 the phone it self

sporadically the connection to the SIP server is lost and/or the phone is rebooting and/or the WIFI connection is lost, whatever.

we buyed the phone in germany (sorry for my bad english) and the firmware version is: 5.0.11(10301355) and the hardware rev. is R03.

i hope somebody can help.

thanks a lot.


Timo Paterson

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